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Guatemala Trip-Day 2

After our extremely long travel day, we awoke to an overcast sky and rain. In terms of hiking and adventuring that’s never really what you want to see. However, after a day of incredibly long flight times, driving conditions that would make the most seasoned

Guatemala Trip-Day 1

Good morning readers! It has been without a doubt a long time since I have had time to post on our website. It seems that my absence has not caused a loss of visitors, which is great news! The end of 2017 and the beginning

The Importance of Preventing Forest Fires

The Importance of Preventing Forest Fires Good evening Trail Climb Nation! I know it has been awhile since we have had a fresh new post. I have been working long hours and going to school full-time, so that means there isn’t a lot of time

Jenny Lake Trail in Wyoming

Jenny Lake Trail in Wyoming One of the joys of driving all across the United States is seeing amazing landscapes one wouldn’t see everyday. I grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma and I consider this place to be home. Northeastern Oklahoma, in my opinion is very

Packing it Out

The Importance of Packing it Out Today I began my final round as a full online student with AMU. I know most of you come to this website to read about gear and trails and rock climbing spots. Today is a little different though. Today

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