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La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Tarantulace Climbing Shoe I remember somewhere in the not so distant past my wife decided that we needed rock climbing gear. I don’t know if this was a long thought out process or just a case of “when in Rome”. At the time

Robbers Cave State Park

Robbers Cave State Park One thing I love about working on this website is discovering new places to explore. After yesterday’s article I wanted to spend some more time exploring Oklahoma. I came across Robbers Cave State Park yesterday and I hadn’t heard of it

Turkey Mountain Yellow Trail

Turkey Mountain Yellow Trail With the weather getting colder I don’t see myself hiking any mountain peaks in the near future. Instead I think my wife and I may do some local trails. Being in Oklahoma one might think there is a lack of good

Why Get A Jeep Winch?

Why Get A Jeep Winch? I see a lot of jeeps driving around the town I live in. Living in an area that is peppered with a lot of student pilots means a lot of young adults with a decent amount of money to spend

Torres Del Paine W Trek Patagonia

Torres Del Paine W Trek Patagonia  Good morning Trail Climb Nation. We are back to writing in full force after spending the holidays with friends and family. The great thing about going back home for the holidays is getting to see all your loved ones.

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