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Lands End Trail, California

Lands End Trail, California With some of still reeling from the Raiders move to Las Vegas I may have some said some things in my last post that weren’t entirely true. I in some way made a mockery of hiking down Oakland. While it is

Calico Tanks Trail-Las Vegas

Calico Tanks Trail-Las Vegas Yesterday my family opened up and realized our beloved Oakland Raiders will be leaving their hometown for the deserts of Las Vegas. Whether you think this is a good move, a selfish move, or a bad move this isn’t what

The Washington Trails Association

The Washington Trails Association Yesterday we looked at Rattlesnake Ridge Trail and spent some time discussing The Washington Trails Association. I wanted to take some time with todays post to discuss more about what these people do. The Washington Trails Association is a major advocate

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail Washington State

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail Washington State Today I woke up thinking about Seattle. One thing I loved about the area was the ability to be in a great city but still have so many outdoor options around you. I haven’t been to many big cities so

Alps Mountaineering Explorer Trek Pole

Alps Mountaineering Explorer Trek Pole Within the last few days I took my dog Ozzie on a long uphill hike. Usually my back is aching after just a quarter of a mile. I don’t know what events in my life have led me to such

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