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Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent Review

Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent Review

Good morning Trail Climb Nation! Today we are going to take a look at the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent. This is the only tent I have ever really camped with. The Extreme 2 is a great tent to take on any trip. Its total weight comes in at just 7 lbs. and 4 oz. When opened up the tent area is 35 square feet and the base of the tent is 5’2 x 7’8. My wife and I had more than enough room to move around the tent. We brought a long our little dog and he had enough room to run around and play inside.

The set up of the tent was quite easy. The Extreme 2 features a three pole design. At first I was utterly confused with how to set this tent up. I ended up practicing a few times in our apartment until I had it down. Basically each pole has a color on each end. Each pole goes through colored hooks that match up with the color of the pole. What worried me at first was the bending of the poles. Since I had never used a tent I thought I was breaking something. Each pole fits securely on each hook and once you have that set up you are set. The poles also click into colored flaps along the bottom of the tent so you know you are secure.

The Extreme 2 was really easy to hike with. I was worried about the load I had going in but the lightweight of this tent made it feel almost unnoticeable. It is very roomy and honestly very easy to set up. I don’t know why I was so confused the first time I tried to set it up but maybe you outdoorsmen will find it completely easy since you have more experience than me. The Extreme 2 comes in at $250. If you are looking for a great, reliable, lightweight, two person tent than the Extreme 2 is for you.

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