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Angels Landing Zion National Park Utah

Angels Landing Zion National Park Utah

We are taking a break from the Banff area this morning to give you a hike found in the state of Utah at Zion National Park. I love any time we get a chance to look at hikes at Zion because it just looks out of this world. I had a friend do the Angels Landing hike this weekend and his pictures look amazing. Hopefully one day Trail Climb Nation will actually get a chance to hike out there. Or maybe one of our readers will post some of their favorite spots at Zion so we can grow our nation!

Angels Landing is one of the world’s most renowned hikes, and is an unforgettable short adventure hike worthy of all bucket lists. The views of Zion Canyon’s 270 million-year-old rock layers will time travel you back to the Triassic period when this section of the Colorado Plateau was a flat basin at sea level. Anyone in an average physical condition can make this heavenward trek, but it can be mentally challenging with its steep switchbacks and sheer drop-offs. There are chains bolted into the cliff to provide secure handholds. People who have a severe fear of heights should not attempt the final stretch, but can enjoy the trail all the way to Scout Lookout.

Angels Landing is one of the defacto classic hikes in Zion and one of the most stunning viewpoints you will ever experience, but it’s not recommended for anybody with a fear of heights. Starting at the Grotto Trailhead, the hike to Angels Landing follows the longer West Rim Trail backpacking route up and out of the west side of the main canyon. Angels Landing is unique fin-like mountain formation that juts out to the center of the main canyon. The trail follows the narrow spine to the final viewpoint roughly 1500 feet above the canyon floor. This hike will take between 3-6 hours; your legs will burn, your knees may shake, and the view will take your breath away!

The final part of this hike is nothing but exhilarating — you will be walking on the narrow spine of the mountain and climbing almost 500 more feet in elevation. There are many exposed sections where you can look down on both sides to the canyon below. Plenty of chains, guard-rails, and carved steps are provided to help ease the mind. There are also several areas suitable for resting if you want to pull over and catch your breath and let other people go by. If you have no mountain-climbing or exposed hiking experience, this hike can be quite intimidating. If you are overcome by panic at the first section of chains, do not continue any further. It doesn’t get any better!

Amazing view down the valley from the top.
Most reviews suggest starting early, I started late, just before 3. It was really crowded going up as you cannot believe that many people are doing this hike and are coming down from the top. But when I was coming down at about 4:30 there was not much traffic coming up. I was told the top was less crowded later too.
Be aware for the last part, which is not that short,you are literally hanging onto a chain as you walk along the spine. The pictures you see are not one little section but almost the whole way after the switchbacks. In my mind on the hike up I was worried about coming back down. But it was not nearly as difficult or scary as I had imagined it would be.

The hike is strenuous but there are a LOT of people doing this. Zion is a busy park and I would try to avoid the crowds going up or down. Most sections at the top only have room for one person along the chains to go up or down. There were sections on the way up that we waited for groups of over 20 people to come down so we could go up. This happened a few times. Other times you are dealing with smaller groups coming down.

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