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Bangs Canyon Recreation Area

Bangs Canyon Recreation Area

Not exactly close to any of the “big city” metropolitan areas, Bangs Canyon Recreation Area is an amazing destination for that very reason. About 4 hours north of Durango, Colorado, you will find one this countries high desert wonders.Bangs Canyon Recreation Area

The spectacular views of Grand Valley from the many plateaus to the natural formations that offer an abundance of adrenaline pumping adventure, Bangs Canyon Recreation Area is a gift to us all.





4X4 Fun and Adventure

With so much to do at Bangs Canyon Recreation Area, plan your visit to span at least 2 -3 days. Adventurous opportunities exist for a wide range of recreational activities like hiking, trail climbing, mountain biking, motorcycling, ATV trails, 4X4 trails and even rock crawling.


Bangs Canyon TrailheadBangs Canyon Recreational Area

The center of the Bangs Canyon Recreation Management Area is the Bangs Canyon Trailhead. The trailhead provides access to the many different trails and numerous recreation opportunities available, for 4X4 enthusiasts, it’s the Billings Canyon Jeep Trail that garners their attention. Per the Grand Junction, Co website,  

The Billings Canyon Jeep trail was constructed in partnership with the Grand Mesa Jeep Club and the BLM to provide a place for extreme 4×4 use. The result of their combined effort is a world class jeep trail that has also preserved the canyon as a great hiking trail. The trail has an 8 out of 10 rating for Jeeping.


Trail Hiking and Rock ClimbingBangs Canyon Recreation Area

Rough Canyon and Ladder Canyon offer hiking trails and rock climbing. Climbers will love the challenge of the various rock surfaces, sand and bentonite clay, outcroppings offering varying levels of difficulty, are just a few of the reasons to add Bangs Canyon Recreation Area to this years list of places to – Hike, Climb, See and Be Amazed… Enjoy the natural wonderland.


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