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Best Hikes Around Lake Louise Canada

Best Hikes Around Lake Louise Canada

One of the premier locations around the Banff area was our 45 minute drive up to Lake Louise. It wasn’t even peak season in the area yet and Lake Louise had tons of people surrounding it. If you ever get the chance to go you will understand why. The lake is by far one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. A beautiful blue lake with a snow topped mountain lies as the back drop. One thing we didn’t get to do is hike in the Lake Louise area. So today we are bringing some of the best hikes in the area so if you ever get to go you can explore a little more.

Lake Louise is probably the best place in the Canadian Rockies to be based for anyone interested in hiking. There is an excellent selection of hiking trails starting in the village or around Lake Louise itself, and a great deal of world class hiking is accessible without even getting in your car. One of the advantages of hiking in Lake Louise is that you are starting off already quite high in altitude, which means that you are soon above treeline, which is where you’ll find all the best views.

Lake Louise is known as the hiking capital of Canada: it offers gentle walks around Lake Louise, the unique “Tea House” hikes, and epic adventures into the wild backcountry. During the fall, the larch trees light up in glowing shades of yellow and gold; Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass are two popular spots to experience the colour.

Tea House Hikes

Perched by the lake and amongst the peaks and glaciers surrounding Lake Louise are two historic Tea Houses perfectly positioned for your well-earned rest.

It’s worth the huffing and puffing to hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House or Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House. With breathtaking views and delicious food and refreshments, hiking to the Tea Houses is a memorably authentic experience in Banff & Lake Louise.

Time: 1-2 hours (one way)  Distance: 3.4 km  Elevation Gain: 400 m (1,300 ft)  Difficulty: Strenuous, steep sections
Start Point: The trail branches from the Lake Louise shoreline trail just beyond the hotel.
Trail Description: This is one of the most famous trails in Lake Louise. The Lake Agnes Tea House offers stunning views where you can savour a pot of freshly steeped tea and enjoy homemade soup, sandwiches or desserts.

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Time: 2 hours (one way)  Distance: 5.3 km  Elevation Gain: 365 m (1,200 feet)  Difficulty: Strenuous, steep sections
Trail Description: This hike starts with an easy warm up trail that follows the north shore of Lake Louise, but quickly gets more challenging as it climbs towards the glaciers. Stop at the tea house for a break, but then be sure to continue on to the Abbot Pass Lookout for a dramatic view of the six glaciers.

Time: 2-4 hours  Distance: 7.4 km (return)  Elevation Gain: 600 m (1,970 feet)  Difficulty: Moderate with steeper sections
Starting Point: Drive to the parking lots of Lake Louise. Proceed to the lakeshore, the trailhead starts just before the boathouse.
Trail Description: From the trailhead you pass junctions to the boathouse, the upper parking lot, the Tramline Trail and to Fairview Lookout. Keep straight at all four intersections. A fifth junction leads to Paradise Valley and Moraine Lake. Take the trail to the Saddleback, which angles right and is plainly marked. Proceeding along this steepish section, and soon after the first avalanche slope, there is an unsigned junction with a choice of routes: the path to the right is shorter and steeper while the path to the left is more scenic. The two routes eventually unite just before the second avalanche slope. The trail continues zigzagging steeply through open meadows to the first view of Mt. Temple, and to the Saddleback, from where glimpes of Lake Annette await through the larches.

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