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Best Hikes Found in Montana

Best Hikes Found in Montana

Greetings Trail Climb Nation! I just want to let our faithful readers know that this will be a slow week and maybe actually a slow couple of weeks. My wife and I leave tomorrow for our wedding celebration in Montana and we will be spending the next week in Canada enjoying the outdoors. If you follow us on instagram be prepared for a lot of new photos. To celebrate us getting ready to go to Montana here are some of the best hikes found in Montana.

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone

An unusual trip along the majestic Yellowstone River nearly the entire route. The Black Canyon of the Yellowstone is one of the classic backpacking trips of the northern Rockies. It seems to offer everything a hiker might want. It’s downhill all the way on an excellent trail with a wide choice of 4 and 5 campsites. Wildlife is abundant; the fishing is fantastic, and the scenery rivals almost any other hike in the park. The trail closely follows the mighty Yellowstone River most of the way. Special attractions: Snow gives up this area early in the year providing a rare opportunity for early season backpacking

Clements Mountain

This hike is about 2 miles each way, and it climbs steeply up through a scree field to a peak overlooking this region of GNP. The view is absolutely stunning! Be forewarned, though: despite the short length, this is a strenuous hike, especially if you’re not used to the elevation. And bring your camera!

East Rosebud Trail (aka The Beaten Path)

Location: Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Arguably one of the best hiking experiences the Rocky Mountains has to offer in any state, the East Rosebud trail between Red Lodge and Cooke City has something for everyone, from wildlife that walks right up to you, to incredible fishing in lakes surrounded by craggy peaks, to trailside berries to munch on.

A strong hiker could make this 26 mile hike in one day, but if you want to get the most out of the trip, expect to spend three or more days out there. Though the trail gets its nickname from the mid-summer throngs of people, it’s far from crowded. Take any of dozens of side trails and you’ll find yourself in complete solitude.

Cottonwood Creek, Crazy Mountains

Location: Gallatin National Forest

Unlike many backpacking routes, this hike offers great mountain views right from the start. The trail follows Cottonwood Creek through prime moose habitat before climbing to excellent camping in the beautiful glacial tarn that embraces Cottonwood Lake.

Fishing is good at Cottonwood Lake, but another unnamed pond just below Cottonwood has water so clear you can watch the foot-long trout strike your line. Make sure you bring a stove to cook your catch as firewood is scarce.

Moose Lake Trail

Location: Bob Marshall-Great Bear Wilderness

This trail, located just south of Glacier Park’s southern boundary, offers what’s best about the Bob Marshall Wilderness: options. Studying the map for a few minutes will reveal almost infinite possibilities from lake-to-lake angling excursions to alpine summit expeditions.

The trail to Moose Lake begins in dense woods but soon opens up into spectacular views north into Glacier and south/east into the Great Bear Wilderness. Next, drop into Moose Lake, or change your mind and climb to Tranquil Basin, descend into Elk Lake or hook up with the Twenty-five Mile Creek Trail.

From there, choose between heading for the Middle Fork of the Flathead River or climbing Vinegar Mountain. You get the idea.

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