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Kalispell Area Camping

Lolo National Forest   Lolo National Forest is located in western Montana. The forest covers over 2 million acres and includes four wilderness areas. The forest is west of the Continental divide. Kalispell Area Camping… Western red cedar trees, whitebark pine and a variety of

Camping Bighorn National Forest

Bighorn National Forest Located in northern Wyoming, and covering over one million acres, It is one of the oldest government-protected forest lands in the U.S having been created in 1897. The forest is well east of the continental divide and extends from the Montana border

Best Ghost Stories to Share Around the Campfire

Best Ghost Stories to Share Around the Campfire I had a weird idea for an article today. We usually focus on amazing places to hike or climb. Today I thought about what happens on those days after a long hike. Some of us pack cards,

Loyalsock Trail Pennsylvania

Loyalsock Trail Pennsylvania We close out our short thru hikes today with Loyalsock Trail found in Pennsylvania. Loyalsock Trail is a 59 mile hike that takes you through part of Pennsylvania. I honestly had no idea Pennsylvania had so much beauty. After looking up more

Protecting Yourself From Bears In The Wilderness

Protecting Yourself From Bears In The Wilderness     After writing this mornings article on the Foothills Trail in South Carolina I became quite intrigued at hiking in a heavily populated bear area. I for one have no clue what I would do if I

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