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Best Things To Do In Galveston

Best Things To Do In Galveston

 I know it seems like Trail Climb Nation has been on a bit of hiatus lately! I want to apologize for that. As some of our readers know I recently moved to Montana. I took a job at a dude ranch while living here and the internet speed has been less than perfect. As an online student this has been a very difficult process. With all that being said a lot has happened in the three weeks I have been unable to post. I recently got the amazing experience of going to visit my wife in Houston. We are separated right now due to her military career but we were able to spend some time together over Memorial Weekend. We had an amazing time in Houston and we took one day to drive out to Galveston and see the beach.


We didn’t do a whole lot in Galveston but we did check out East Beach. For us this beach was absolutely perfect. There were a ton of people there because of Memorial Weekend but that didn’t stop us from having some fun. East Beach doesn’t have a whole lot of things going on but you are at the beach! Why would you need all the extra distractions! It’s like when people come to the dude ranch and complain about their being no cell service. We don’t go outdoors to stay connected to life. We go outdoors to get away. The same vibe does along with beaches. We took our dog Ozzie with us and he experienced the beach for the first time. He absolutely loved it until he realized water comes with beaches. Ozzie pranced in the warm sun and the soft sand right up to the point where a tiny sliver of tide rolled across his paws. After that moment Ozzie was ready to go. East Beach gives you great views of the water. There is a little shop there for beer, water, soda, and food. And don’t worry if you forget a towel, this place has you covered!


We spent a little time downtown and Galveston feels like an old downtown. There are a lot of shops that you can only experience in an old downtown but fear not there is a Starbucks right around the corner. Some other cool things you might want to check out, that we missed, are the Bishop’s Palace, Lone Star Flight Museum, and take a speedboat tour. These look like some really cool attractions that we will definitely be checking out next time we are in Galveston. So readers, have you ever been to Galveston? Feel free to shoot us an article about your favorite spot in Galveston.

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