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The Hydro Flask Growler Review

The Hydro Flask Growler Review

Good afternoon Trail Climb Nation. Today we will be looking at the Hydro Flask Growler review. I thought this would be a good topic to discuss today. In my environmental science class we are discussing plastic pollution this week. I used to drink about 8 water bottles a day and then switched to a gallon water jug. It’s crazy to think how much water I went through when the faucet and a cup are only a few steps away. My wife never used plastic water bottles and got me drinking out of a basic REI bottle. It was ok. I hated having to constantly fill up my water jug at the water fountain at work and found that it never stayed that cold. One day I came home and there sat the Hydro Flask Growler.

The Hydro Flask Growler is the only water bottle I’ve seen that lives up to the name Growler. It is 64 oz. and I have never drank water from it that wasn’t ice cold. It is so good at insulation the liquid that the cold water from our Brita filter stays cold without any ice. I packed in on our hiking trip to Lake Ann and it gave me an ice cold drink every single time. One thing I love about this bottle is the wide mouth opening. Before my wife leaves for work I get her water and food ready. I hate filling her bottle with ice because it rarely fits. With the Growler I can merely dump ice into it without using any tricks.

If you want to pack a lot of liquid and keep it cold this is the bottle for you. It comes in at $65 dollars on the website I was checking out. That price is well worth it. I’m a firm believer that this is the only bottle you will ever need. Especially on long hiking trips.

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