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Check Out Jeep Jamboree

Jeep Jamboree

Along with those wonderful outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking and rock climbing, Trail Climb Nation loves to promote off-road fun. Check out Jeep Jamboree. We all know that the Jeep isn’t the only 4X4 vehicle on the road, but while scouring the web for events to promote or products to share, Jeep does seem to have the most information out there.

Check Out Jeep Jamboree

One of the very helpful sites we’ve found regarding Jeep outings, is Jeep Jamboree USA. The site has Jeep events, photos and videos, and other links as well.

From Jeep Jamboree USA…

Jeep® Jamborees are off-road adventure weekends that bring together the outdoors, down-to-earth people, and their Jeep 4x4s. These off-road treks have a long tradition dating back to 1953 when 4×4 pioneer Mark A. Smith organized the firstever Jeep Jamboree and voyaged across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the old Rubicon Trail. In 1954, Willys Motors — then manufacturer of Jeep vehicles — became involved with the adventure, and Jeep Jamborees have been an off-road tradition ever since.

Off-Road Hall of Fame and the Explorers Club member, Mark A. Smith also led the 1978-79 Expedicion de las Americas — a 20,000-mile odyssey from the bottom of South America to the top of North America, crossing the infamous Darien Gap — and headed the 1987 Camel Trophy expedition in Madagascar. Since founding Jeep Jamboree USA in 1982, Mark has become a Jeep brand consultant and has conducted intensive training for the U.S. Army Special Forces and law-enforcement agencies. The Smiths’ Jeep Jamboree USA conducts over 30 family oriented Jeep 4×4 trips nationwide and is truly a family business. Daughter Jill, President and CEO, brings camaraderie and excitement to thousands of Jeep 4×4 owners annually, while Pearse Umlauf, our Vice President, is focused on expanding Jeep Jamboree USA, which is the world’s largest Jeep adventure company.

Check Out Jeep Jamboree

If you are Jeep adventurer and looking for someplace to Jeep and meet folks that share that interest, please check out Jeep Jamboree USA

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