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Lake Ann Colorado Part Three

Lake Ann Colorado Part Three

We sat down to take in the view of Lake Ann. We were exhausted. My back ached. I was thirsty. I was beginning to get hungry. None of these things seemed to effect Ozzie. He quickly spotted two other dogs and ran up to make friends. My wife leaned against her pack and I offered to find our spot. I wanted a spot above the lake. I also wanted to find a spot to hang our hammock.

 After a walk across the lake I found our spot. I quickly set up our tent. It seemed like all my hours spent on Youtube and practicing in the apartment paid off. I hung our hammock which was a little tight since I had to stretch it out. I finally felt like I belonged as an outdoorsman. I know my credentials don’t show that but here in nature I felt peace. I looked back at the route which led us here. Through the forest I couldn’t quite see the beauty through the trees. The valley we hiked through was full of color. The mountains nestled this valley.

 Immediately I thought about being away from everything. I thought about the people I read about. I remembered Cheryl Strayed and how she struggled on those early days. I remember how early on she just focused on the pain and the mileage. My back was killing me but seeing Ozzie run around and my wife relaxing in the hammock seemed to make it all disappear. I know the great outdoors stories are usually about one person finding themselves in nature. As fun as thru hike sounds to me this experience was just better with my little family.

 We did the normal camping stuff. We walked around the area and let Ozzie run wild. I boiled water and made our pre-made dinners we bought from REI. We slept in our sleeping bags in our tent. I remember hearing planes fly over at night. I thought no matter how far you really try to escape man there are always little reminders that he is there. Maybe I need to go a little more remote. Maybe this was perfect for us. Lake Ann will always have a special place for me. It was my first camping trip with my wife. It’s the first place I got to set up a camp and try to show off any resemblance of man skills. Lake Ann I hope we see each other again soon.


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