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Lake Ann Part Two

Lake Ann Part Two

After going an extra three miles out of our way we began to feel the load of our packs. I considered myself to be in good shape but I was not in good hiking shape. My back seemed wrecked and realizing we now had to go three miles back just to turn around and head two more miles to Lake Ann seemed like a tough decision. However, looking at the mountain pass above us I knew that this was no option either. Alisha and I sat for a minute and ate some peanut butter. The decision was to go back and see where we had taken our wrong turn. I suspected it was the wooden sign that mislead us. At this point Ozzie’s little Chihuahua frame was beat. I decided to carry him as far as I could.

We set back against the beautiful land scape that we had been in awe over just a few minutes ago. Now ever step was cursed. Why did the elevation gain have to be this much? Why are there so many trees? It’s easy to get in a negative mindset when you realize you could be setting up camp right now. We hiked back the whole way to the wooden sign with Ozzie in my arms. There it was. On the etched in dark wood read Lake Ann with an arrow to the right. With our sunglasses on we easily glanced over the dark wood. We saw Stock to the right and just assumed we go left. After a minute of kicking ourselves we moved on.

This time the elevation gain seemed even steeper. All that extra weight I threw in my pack to seem more manly seemed like a horrible idea now. I actually had to stop and drop my pack a few times. What kept us on our toes was the description to get to Lake Ann. It said somewhere on the path it will fork and you should go to the left. After our first debacle of going left we didn’t want to make the same mistake. Here in the woods it seemed like the trail forked every so often. We kept pushing on going higher and higher.

Finally we came to a clearing. This looked like a hike that Frodo and Sam had taken somewhere in Middle Earth. We kept on the trail and finally saw a distinct fork. Here we made our left. Here we made the right decision. In a few moments Lake Ann opened beneath us. It was beautiful sitting there nestled beneath the Three Apostles. Just as I imagined it on our wrong turn except this time it was here and it was perfect. We sat down in the grass and let Ozzie run wild. Our 3 mile hike extended to 5 miles just from parking. Our 5 mile hike extended closer to 12 because our wrong turn. It didn’t matter. We made it.

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