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Marvel Cave Branson Missouri

Marvel Cave Branson Missouri

Good afternoon Trail Climb Nation! Today I wanted to discuss something we have never discussed before—caves. This long holiday weekend I had the opportunity to go to Silver Dollar City with my family and do the cave tour. I know most of you are thinking this isn’t much of a hike or really outdoors since this is in an amusement park. That may be true. The cave is located inside an amusement park but it was still a fun thing to do. I am also hoping that some of you share some cool stories about caves with us since I know next to nothing about them.

 Marvel Cave has a lot of history to it. Our guide told us the origins of the cave and how it has changed over the years. Apparently the cave was discovered when Indians were on a hunting a party. They shot one of the animals and it ran away. After tracking it one of them fell into a hole where the animal had fallen. They waited till night fall and felt the warm air come from the hole. Eventually thousands of bats flew through the hole and the Indian Tribe deemed it evil. They even went as far as to mark the surrounding area so no one would enter. Eventually a man explored the cave and thought he could mine marble from it. One on of his expeditions into the cave he found a ledge and threw a rock over to see how far down it went. After waiting for a long time he heard nothing. He deemed this a bottomless pit and believed, like the Indians, that this was the entrance to something evil. Apparently, he didn’t hear a rock because over the ledge was covered in bat dung. Eventually miners came to mine the dung because in those days it went for $750 a ton. Eventually they ran out of dung and began doing cave tours. Marvel Cave has held a few world records like flying a hot air balloon the farthest underground.

The history of Marvel Cave is fun but the hike through was awesome. You walk a total of 700 stairs and traverse 50 stories down and 10 stories back up onto a train. Seeing the giant cathedral room is breath taking. It amazed me how a tiny hole in the earth can enter into something so enormous. If you are ever in Branson the Marvel Cave tour is definitely something to go check out. At certain times they even offer a lantern tour so you can explore the same way they did back in the day.

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