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Minnesota 4×4 Clubs

Minnesota 4×4 Clubs

From time to time, Trail Climb Nation has the opportunity to highlight regional 4X4 and/or Jeep organizations. Our experiences have shown us that local clubs have tremendous insight in to the area’s trails, equipment needs, government regulations and even the impact of the local weather. Today we are looking up to the north, to the great state of Minnesota. Minnesota 4×4 Clubs


Minnesota 4x4 Clubs

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Minnesota Trailriders

Minnesota 4x4 Clubs


Minnesota Trailriders – Family oriented Trailrides have always been the main focus of our club. At this point we are really stressing the family oriented part. Many members have young children and even more of us just don’t want to be a part of rowdy, unsafe behavior either in the campground or on the trail. I think it’s fair to say that the club won’t plan an event if we aren’t comfortable bringing our children and we won’t trail ride with anyone who compromises the safety of our kids or ourselves… Minnesota 4×4 Clubs


North Star Jeep Club

Minnesota 4x4 Clubs

North Star Jeep Club The North Star Jeep Club (NSJC), a local Twin Cities Jeep club, was established in 2014 with around 20 founding members.We are a group of dedicated family friendly off-road enthusiasts with dependable street licensed vehicles. The NSJC is a member and proud supporter of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association (MN4WDA), and as such, membership in the NSJC also means membership within the MN4WDA. We are not brand specific but currently consist of mostly Jeep branded vehicles within the club. We are located in the Twin Cities and the greater metro area. Most of our members drive their vehicles to wheeling events and the goal is to have a great day of wheeling and still be able to drive them home afterwards.


Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers

Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers Minnesota 4x4 Clubs The Minnesota Go-4 Wheelers is a non-profit four-wheel drive club based out of the Twin Cities, MN. The MN Go-4’s provide fun and entertainment in an environment with pro-advancement of all aspects of four-wheeling. It also strives for the social betterment of it’s members and any other type of four-wheel drive enthusiast interested in becoming an active member. The MN Go-4’s work with national four wheel drive organizations, as well as state and local clubs to help protect the offroad areas currently used to ensure that they are there for years to come. We are a member of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association.  The MN Go-4’s host several four wheeling events each year, and the largest of them all is the annual Memorial Weekend at Trollhaugen in Dresser, WI.



MN4WDA – Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association Minnesota 4x4 Clubs

Minnesota 4×4 Clubs – The Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association is actively working with the Minnesota Legislature to advance and protect four-wheeling opportunities. The Association contracts an independent government relations specialist, Dan Larson, to formally lobby the members of the Minnesota legislature to pass bills for positive off-road opportunities and to vote against negative ORV* legislation.

Volunteers on the legislative committee work closely with the lobbyist and also spend time attending and testifying at legislative hearings in support of off-road vehicles.

The most important part of legislative involvement is at the grass roots level. Members of the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association are constantly encouraged to contact their legislators regarding off-road vehicle legislation. We work to inform our membership about what is currently happening to issue urgent messages to contact legislators

During the last few years, the political battles over land usage has intensified drastically and requires more and more efforts to obtain and retain wheeling opportunities and access for ORVs.

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