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New Site Features at Trail Climb Nation

New Site Features at Trail Climb Nation

Good morning Trail Climb Nation readers! This article is all about some new site features we are rolling out just for you guys. Since our first article our mission at Trail Climb Nation has been to get everyone outside into Nature. I have thought of a ton of different ways to do this from a website point of view. What my father has worked tirelessly to bring to the table is a new feature. The new feature is the submit an event portion of our site.

I thought that this “submit an event” idea would be the best thing we can do for those who are looking to get outside. As we continue to grow more events should be popping up on our site. These events don’t have to be any sort of big grandeur type event. If you are simply hiking the Barr Camp Trail at Pike’s Peak and want to get a group of people just submit your event. All the information is fairly straight forward. Also maybe you are a small company and want a little free advertising for upcoming events. Feel free to post anything to our submit an event.

So Trail Climb Nation readers spread the word. I think this a great way to get people interested in maybe joining some people for a hike or even making new friends to teach you the ropes of the outdoors. We can only grow and get people involved if we all push this function. So if you know of any events coming up post it and feel free to write an article about it and we will add it to our website. Have a great day everyone!

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