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Off-Road Driving Brochure from NPS

Trail Climb Nation loves the outdoors, whether its hiking or trail riding in a Jeep, get outside and be amazed. NPS Off-Road Driving Brochure.

Today we wanted to pass on a very informative brochure put out by the National Park Service. Please take a look at the content, most importantly – you will help with the preservation of our national parks, but in the process, you may save yourself trouble from Personal liability and penalties for illegal ORV use.

Courtesy of the National Park Service

Off-Road Driving by NPS

Off-Road Driving

NPS Off-Road Driving brochure

Oversand Route at Cape Cod National Seashore NPS photo


Whether you call it 4-wheeling or muddin’, or just a drive on the beach, it’s important to know when, where, and how you can drive off-road in America’s national parks.Just a few key tips will make for a safe, fun day and help you, other visitors, plants and animals, and our environment and history remain safe from harm.

View the NPS Off-Road Driving brochure (526KB PDF) for additional information.

As always, Trail climb Nation encourages off-road enthusiasts to gather as much information about where you will be adventuring. Inform others, pack and prepare well and seek out the guidance of local 4X4 groups and clubs in your area of interest.

Be Safe and be amazed…

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