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Our Trip to Montana

My heart sank as I began to board Alaskan Airline flight 2272 and made my way back to seat 18D near the rear of the Q400 Bombardier. I hadn’t seen a plane that looked this old since my days working as an air traffic controller at a small regional airport. The brown faded leather seats reminded me of the chairs you see in the old Lincoln that always occupies driveway space at your grandparents but never gets driven. We began to taxi out for departure and leave behind the safe but ever cloudy tarmac of Seattle. The turbulence didn’t take long to hit us as we left the safe 452 ft. field elevation of Seattle to our cruise altitude of 24,000 feet to Kalispell, Montana. The next hour and twenty minutes was filled with turbulence, clouds, and a complimentary ale from a Portland microbrewery. My nerves finally came to an end upon our descent to Kalispell.

As we stepped off our Q400 Bombardier onto the tarmac in Kalispell and I was in awe. I always thought of Montana as big sky country with more animals roaming the state than people. I looked around me and realized we were in one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. The Flathead Lake Valley was beautiful. We were completely surrounded by mountains with snow still resting on the peaks in early June.  We hopped in our Subaru Crosstrek and decided to drop our bags at our hotel and explore Glacier National Park. The beauty was too great for us to waste one of our three days resting and recuperating. Even after 13 hours of travelling and crossing time zones three times the beauty of the mountains was too great to pass up.

We set off and drove as far as we could on going to the sun road. Every scenic turn out we could stop at we did. Eventually at one of our stops we heard the refreshing sounds of rushing water. I looked over towards Alisha only to see her sprint off into a make shift trail on her new number one task of discovering the source of this beautiful sound. At this moment I remembered what this site is all about. I see my beautiful fiancé spend every work day working extremely hard and taking on more tasks than anyone I know. We spend as many weekends as we can on adventures but some weekends are devoted to resting up for the week ahead. I saw Alisha running, the once exhausted woman from 13 hours of travelling off of 3 hours of sleep had been awakened. That is what the beauty of the outdoors can do and that is what we want to share with you. Eventually I caught up to my extremely fast yet never does cardio fiancé and saw the beauty of the water rushing through the woods. It rushed right out into the beautiful turquoise water of the lake. We paused and watched the sun glisten off the mountains and continued driving and exploring for hours.

After a day of meeting all our wedding vendors we decided the next day we would wake up and go kayaking. We drove into Glacier National Park and found a kayak rental right on Lake McDonald. The next hour and a half was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We left the shore and peered over the edge of our kayaks. The water no matter how deep was so clear you could see the rocks at the bottom. Ducks swam next to us as we paddled along the shore line of Lake McDonald. We grew closer and closer to the beautiful snowcap mountains. I felt like Aragorn leading the Fellowship down the river in a canoe. Once again I thought about how naïve I had been to the beauty of Montana. I saw Alisha light up again and just felt so blessed to be on this adventure. We circled Lake McDonald and talked about how we couldn’t wait to come back while still taking in every moment of beauty of the outdoors. We will return in a little over three months to be married. I look forward to marrying my best friend in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and getting to explore more of the beauty that the state of Montana has to offer.

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