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Purgatory Chasm

A unique natural landmark, Purgatory Chasm runs for a quarter of a mile between granite walls rising as high as 70 feet. Popular with picnickers and rock-climbers alike, the Chasm is believed to have its origin in the sudden release of dammed-up glacial meltwater near

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Rock Climbing Tips

Rock Climbing Gripping Technique: When It Matters When you get to the more difficult holds, you’ll find that a lot more strain is placed on you tendons and ligaments since the more difficult holds have much less surface area for your hands to hold onto,

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Toprope Climbing Basics

Toprope climbing is all about having fun, being outside, and climbing rock faces

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World’s Hardest Rock Climbing Route

Climb Climb La Dura Dura became a focal point of hard sport climbing in 2012 and 2013, and even the subject of a film, when two of the world’s strongest sports climbers chased the first ascent. Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra spent two years working

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A Day at The Crag by Charlie Schreiber

A day at the crag, is a day away from the busy life, full of work and errands, and all life’s petty worries. A trip to the crag for me, is always a day full of bouldering, whether it be by myself (most likely a

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