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Picking the Right Rock Climbing Shoe

Here at Trail Climb Nation we have talking a lot more trail lately and not so much climbing. I wanted to break the mold with this article and talk about picking the right rock climbing shoe for you. I am no expert but I have

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Getting Started with Mountain Biking

Earlier this week we did an article about packrafting which is something I discovered while researching for our site. Something that has intrigued me lately has been mountain biking. It looks like an incredible way to explore a mountain. For someone who lives in the

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One of the most exciting things about starting Trail Climb Nation is discovering new places to explore in the outdoors.  One thing I didn’t expect was discovering all the new ways to explore the outdoors. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get into things

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Glacier National Park Backpacking Packing List

Fresh off our trip to Glacier National Park and planning ahead to our return trip its good to have an idea to know what to bring for extending camping in the area. For all of us that don’t know the region or the conditions it’s

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Hi-Tec V Lite Flash Force Low I Trail Shoe

Hi-Tec V Lite Flash Force Low I Trail Shoe Check out or for this informative Shoe Review…   In early March GearReview  was contacted by Hi-Tec to see if they were interested in testing anything from the Hi-Tec hiking line. Here are a

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