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Prickly Pear Trail Mountain Biking Montana

Prickly Pear Trail Mountain Biking Montana Yesterday I went exploring with my brother-in-law Josh and my dog Ozzie. I was looking for a little hike to take Ozzie out on because he thoroughly enjoys being outdoors. I went towards Mount Ascension Park but couldn’t really

Mount Ascension Helena Montana

Mount Ascension Helena Montana Good afternoon Trail Climb Nation. I know posts have been rather intermittent lately but I am slowly but surely getting settled here in Wolf Creek, Montana. One of my favorite things to do since being here is my drive into Helena.

The Outdoor Sights of Wyoming

The Outdoor Sights of Wyoming Good Morning Trail Climb Nation. I have just completed a three day drive from Oklahoma to Montana. On my first day driving I made it to Fort Collins, Colorado. I got up early the next day and was hell bent

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Iditarod Trail Invitational

Iditarod Trail Invitational After yesterday’s article about the Bob Graham Round my interest in endurance races has peaked. In a couple weeks I take on a half marathon so it’s pretty safe to say I’m practically an ultra-endurance athlete myself(totally kidding by the way). I

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Outdoor Activities Idaho

Outdoor Activities Idaho While surfing through the internet today I came across a story on Yahoo. It was titled if you are unhappy move to Idaho. Apparently Idaho is the happiest state in the U.S. Outdoor Activities Idaho – So if you read this article

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