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Continental Divide Trail Info & Packing List

Our Most Challenging National Scenic Trail Stretching for some 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada, the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) follows the spine of the Rocky Mountains, passing through Glacier, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Parks. The third leg of the triple crown for backpackers,

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12 Tips For Trad Lead Climbing

Lead climbing, especially on traditional routes where you place gear and often have to find the route while climbing, is difficult and sometimes scary and dangerous. If you are a novice climber then you need to practice leading a lot to gain confidence as well as the skills

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Toprope Climbing Basics

Toprope climbing is all about having fun, being outside, and climbing rock faces

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Cove Lake Trail

Starting in the Cameron Bluff Campground, this trail descends over 1,500 feet to Cove Lake. Most of the trail is in the Ozark National Forest with only half of a mile in the state park boundaries. It can be hiked in a full day but

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Mountain Biking: Zippity Do Dah

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