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Lava Lake Montana

Lava Lake is a great hike that climbs to a beautiful mountain lake in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. The trail is located in the Gallatin Canyon between Bozeman and Big Sky and is one of the most popular trails in the area. The lake is

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Baldface Range

Meandering rivers, emerald pools, 4 miles of open ledges yielding remarkable views of New Hampshire and Maine’s peaks and valleys-no wonder the traverse of the Baldface Range is one of the finest hiking loops in the White Mountains. Story by Rising more than 3,500

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12 Tips For Trad Lead Climbing

Lead climbing, especially on traditional routes where you place gear and often have to find the route while climbing, is difficult and sometimes scary and dangerous. If you are a novice climber then you need to practice leading a lot to gain confidence as well as the skills

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Toprope Climbing Basics

Toprope climbing is all about having fun, being outside, and climbing rock faces

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Best Hiking Backpacks by BestReview

From a day on the trail to a night on a mountain, one of these top hiking backpacks will be your ideal choice. Construction & Capacity The tough-skinned Gregory Baltoro 75 Technical Pack allows owners to carry 70 pounds or more inside its spacious aluminum

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