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Jenny Lake Trail in Wyoming

Jenny Lake Trail in Wyoming One of the joys of driving all across the United States is seeing amazing landscapes one wouldn’t see everyday. I grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma and I consider this place to be home. Northeastern Oklahoma, in my opinion is very

Packing it Out

The Importance of Packing it Out Today I began my final round as a full online student with AMU. I know most of you come to this website to read about gear and trails and rock climbing spots. Today is a little different though. Today

Osprey Levity 60 Backpack

Osprey Levity 60 Backpack Lets face it. You haven’t really taken any of the hikes you wanted to this summer. Maybe work got in the way or other obligations. But don’t worry there is still a lot of summer left and several adventures still to

Mountainsmith Small K-9 Pack Review

Mountainsmith Small K-9 Pack Review Things in my world just got a lot slower. I have a week off from my online classes which means there are no light nights writing papers or early mornings taking tests before work. With all this free time it

Best Harness for Trad Rock Climbing

Best Harness for Trad Rock Climbing So summer has officially begun! Why not get outside and do something you have never done before, like rock climbing? I remember the first time I climbed outside and not in a gym. I will tell you that I

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