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The Longest Hikes From Christmas Movies

The Longest Hikes From Christmas Movies

Good Morning Trail Climb Nation! Today may seem like a silly post but it is something I want to write about. With Christmas only being three days away I thought, how could we do a Christmas post? I sat down and watched Elf and it suddenly clicked-let’s write about some of the longest hikes found in Christmas movies. If that doesn’t give you enough Christmas than tomorrow I am posting on hikes through Christmas Trees.

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Elf was the first movie that came to my mind since it is the movie I most recently watched. Elf is a fantastic Christmas movie and I firmly believe that Buddy the elf has the longest hiking distance. Buddy set off from the North Pole to trek all the way to his father in New York City. I google searched routes from New York City to the North Pole but it wouldn’t give me a route. I guess old Chris Cringle wants to remain hidden away. Although according to Buddy if you hit the Candy Cane forest you are on the right path. Buddy also makes it reasonably fast to New York City but I suppose this is easy to do when you only need 40 minutes of sleep a night.

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The next movie I thought about was Christmas Vacation. This is my favorite Christmas movie by far. The movie opens up with the family going to get a Christmas tree. It turns into a disaster which is a staple of any event Clark Griswold tries to do. Instead of going to a Christmas tree lot, Clark takes his family deep into the forest. I don’t know exactly how far this is but it is enough to make Audrey’s toes, legs, and hips freeze on the way out there. Eventually the Griswold’s find the perfect tree, unfortunately by this time Audrey’s eyes are frozen. That must have been some major distance for the Griswold family.

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Lastly, I want to finish with Home Alone. Now this isn’t a major forest hike scene or anything like that. However, Kevin McCallister has to hike a long ways just to buy some milk, eggs, and fabric softener. Can you imagine doing this at 8 years old. I guess in the early 90’s it wasn’t so crazy to think a child could handle a job like this. I just can’t imagine hiking into town with a shovel wielding old man neighbor who could get me at anytime. I suppose Kevin wasn’t thinking about that. After all he seemed pretty hell bent on finding a toothbrush that had been approved by the American Dental Association.

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