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Timber Creek Overlook Trail Zion National Park

Timber Creek Overlook Trail Zion National Park

Zion National Park will always be a place that just holds so much beauty to me. A lot of the other national parks I look at with a sense of challenge. Like if I went there I would want to conquer the hardest hike and climb the highest peak. At Zion I just feel like I could stroll through and take in the beauty. The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is just the kind of trail that lets you take a stroll and see total beauty. The trail isn’t terribly long at all coming in at only 1.2 miles. What you do get to experience is some amazing views.

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Panoramic views await you at the end of the Timber Creek Overlook Trail. Zion National Park hiking offers many opportunities to see the amazing sandstone formations, towering monoliths and forest scenery. You’ll see the Pine Valley Mountain Range in the distance, Red Butte and Kolob Canyon. On a clear day you can see Grand Canyon’s North Rim. This is a first-hand view of the erosive forces of nature. Escape the crowds here too, as it is much less crowded than Zion Canyon. The whole family will enjoy hiking the Timber Creek Overlook Trail in Zion National Park.


Located in the “Kolob Canyons” section of Zion is Timber Creek Overlook trail. This is a nice part of Zion if you are interested in getting away from all the crowds and getting into a more secluded area to hike around. This is a short and fun family hike that takes a mere 30 minutes round trip but offers some spectacular views.

On the west end of the Kolob Canyons Viewpoint parking lot look for the sign for the Timber Creek trailhead. From there its a short stroll to the end where you will get lovely views of Shuntavi Butte and Red Butte. This is one of the better hikes to take in the later afternoon once you’ve done more strenuous hikes and you’re looking for a good spot to relax and enjoy the sunset.

With the beauty of the overlook and the sunset combined, you’ve got yourself one stunning little jaunt worth taking.


The Timber Creek Overlook Trail follows along a small ridge with spectacular views of the Kolob Canyons, the Kolob Terrace, and the Pine Valley Mountains. Looking south on the far horizon, visitors may see Mt. Trumbull 100 miles away at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. During the spring and early summer months, the Timber Creek Overlook Trial is covered in a beautiful display of desert wildflowers. A small picnic area is located 100 yards from the trailhead.


The “Kolob Canyons” of Zion National Park is the lesser-visited northwestern section of the park accessible via Exit 40 off of I-15. If you’re looking to escape the crowds of the main canyon and see something different, the Kolob Canyons Road is a wonderfully scenic drive that gives wonderful views into several of the Kolob “finger canyons.” The road ends high up on a ridge at a great viewpoint known as the “Kolob Canyons Viewpoint.” The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is a short stroll that heads south from the main parking lot to offer more pleasant views from the top of the ridgeline.

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